67 LOGOS DESIGNATHON: Shandu Food Tech

Each year on 18 July, millions of South Africans are called on to spend 67 minutes working for the good of others. The duration symbolises the 67 years that the late Nelson Mandela spent fighting for social justice. In 2009, the United Nations declared  Mandela's birthday as an international day.
 Founded in 2018 by Over The Rainbow, the 67 Logos Designathon is an initiative that provides 67 small businesses with free professionally designed logos and business support. As an annually held event, the 67 logos will be designed on 18 July (every year) to commemorate Nelson Mandela Day. 67 designers come together to offer their services for free to design 67 logos for 67 small businesses. 

Shandu Food Tech
SHANDU Food tech is a food processing consulting firm owned by Sithuli Mbeje. Food Science deals with the processing of raw agricultural produce into food products that are acceptable for human consumption.

Our approach was to celebrate the modern science and also ancient Afrikan knowledge which gets passed from generation to generation.  We used the atom symbol as all of our food is build up of a lot of molecules and these molecules are again made up of atoms. We then merged the atom symbol with a southern Afrikan bantu symbol for an expert, and last farm fields to represent agriculture. All together creating a unique symbol for Shandu Food Tech.


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