--- 1910in2018 ---

1910 in 2018, is a depiction of my expression regarding dresses from 1910 in reference to Anna Jakobsson's dress that was presented to us by the Museum of Gothenburg. It is a bricolage, in the form of a dress, that puts together elements of cultural artefacts, fabrics of different textures, stitching of different kinds and objects from different times. Bricolage being the act of taking a variety of things to make something new becomes the method for 1910 in 2018. The dress allows me to take part in the conversation around everyday fashion but also allows the audience to see themselves as makers and participants and not just observers of the topic at hand.

I, as the maker had asked myself a few questions after having studied and explored different aspects of the dress. Questions like, where is my history as an African in the dress? What are the elements that speak to my identity? How do I self define something that already has a defined end? All these questions were important to making the dress because I HAD to emphasise my aims of the putting myself into my work.

The materials used for 1910 in 2018 are recycled, left over and second hand materials. My aim was to use objects found in the spaces around me however, at some point I had to buy items from second hand stores because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. The piece had to reflect my standing as an international student with little (personal) resources.

The toolkit and information booklet is a guide for members of the audience to also engage with dressmaking in everyday fashion. It empowers the participants to become makers. It gives members a short and concise history of the dress that will be part of the exhibition, while also giving instructions of how to become a maker.

1910 in 2018 is in hopes of being part of a workshop that would ideally take place before the opening (and full duration) of the exhibition held at the Gothenburg City Museum in 2019
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