Afrofuturism as minimalism

Afrofuturism is a movement is aimed at redefining how brown people see themselves in the future. Afrofuturism as described by Sunu Gonera a Zimbabwean filmmaker says it is, “a moment where our origins meet the possibilities of our people”

The project is an extension of my design practice in a Swedish context. It’s the use of my skills put into a new complex. It is also an exploration of visual language that surpasses the spoken language where images of brown people in a setting that is not ordinary tells a story far greater then themselves. It declutters the mind of a child and provides an escapism through the use of imagination.

I wrote down a few phrases that I wish I had been told when I was a child about the future of or even the great past of the people that belonged to my identity.
I compiled a list of ingredients: Add a bit of sun, magic, boldness, royalty, a centre
~ I then looked for images that symbolised those ingredients.
~ I worked on a loose grid
~ I would then create the posters.
~ I went back to the phrases and wrote poems

Poster design: ​​​​​​​
Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3
Posters placed in the playground at Sjumilaskolan in Biskopsgården 
I can’t measure how much the kids are taking in but after putting up the posters there was this one kid who had her eyes fixed on one of the posters. The bell rang signaling break was over but she just stood there in the snow and did not move for a few mins. I thought to myself “yip, there it is!” Also, the most rewarding comment of the day was... “that’s my mommy” 
Poetry book: 
Poetry book in Swedish 
'African Rhythm' 2018
'Brown is beautiful' written with my nephew Siyamthanda (Ncufi) 2018
During this time I also wrote a short essay expressing my views on Afrofuturism and how it has the ability to change how our people see themselves. Copy is available at HDK, Gothenburg University in the zine collection.
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