Client - Kiza Agency        Project - Brand Identity

Kiza Agency makes African designs accessible across the continent by allowing an exceptional amount of creatives to connect and share ideas. They offer management and representation services to African architects, interior designers and product designers, enabling them to have a superior footprint across borders.

Kiza means ‘heal’ - in Kirundi. How we saw it, the agency plays a role to nurture the way people view African creatives by preselecting the best creatives and connecting them to the right client networks. In designing Kiza’s brand identity we had to ask, “how did ancient Africans communicate?” The answer was broad and it spanned across many facets of Africa’s creative dialects, from ancient writing systems, to prehistoric rock paintings, traditional drums and indigenous animals features like the horns of the Kudu.

Zoning in on how the African drums played a key role in many aspects of African life. From being used for communication to them being an integral tool to connect with ancestors through music and spiritual chanting. We brought the use of this African ancient mode of communication, ‘drum beating’ to life. We believe that KIZA Agency is that ‘Drum’ being strum to be the beat that communicates for and celebrates African creativity and design. And as it beats, that sound becomes the pulse for the whole world to hear and connect with the best creatives Africa has to offer.

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