Lelapa is a concentration of Africa's niche skills in resource efficiency. Grounded in the philosophy of Ubuntu (I am because we are), Lelapa's mission is to develop technology for the global family. Lelapa explores how contemporary challenges can be solved through centering technology on humanism based on relationality – advancing globally responsible AI practices on the continent and beyond.

We were challenged to design a logo that pays tribute to the profound knowledge rooted in Africa. Our creative journey led us through exploring Afrikan fractals, delving into the binary code of the Bamana tribe, and investigating the binary system within the African divination systems of the Yorùbá tribe. Despite these efforts, we felt that these approaches did not fully capture the essence of the task.
Our quest for a more fitting solution led us to explore ancient African writing systems, focusing on Nguni writing symbols.

The outcome is a design that pays homage to the rich tapestry of ancient African knowledge. It stands as an emblematic symbol, ideally suited for a research lab committed to addressing Africa's challenges through the development of AI solutions tailored specifically for Africans, by Africans.

Font used: Gothiks Condensed
Created by: Blackletra Type Foundry 
Available at: Adobe Fonts

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