Think Creative Africa rebrand

The branding depicts the process of ‘thinking’ or a brainstorm session, where one thing (word, expression or question) leads to another and to another. At the end you have a chain of keywords that could spark an idea. Everything is linked/connected through the process of think(ing). 

The agency creates content that moves people, communication that solves business problems and innovation that impacts society. 
"As young African women, we have a unique understanding of a market we are a part of and not externals of, therefore we provide ideas from a perspective that is not foreign to the market. Welcome to Think Creative Africa."  

Think Creative Africa is linked/connected with market because they are the market. They are vendors who sells tomatoes, the rural dweller, the wine connoisseur, the taxi owner, the taxi commuter and so on. 

Design: @Mam'gobozi Design Factory
Animation: @Hustle&Funk

Old Think Creative Africa logo
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