IPA rebrand project          Year: 2021

Integrated Project Alliance (IPA) is a design, risk, contract & cost management consultancy alliance. Specialising in project delivery services across Africa. They are an alliance of project focused, independent and professional consulting firms who focus on construction projects. IPA specialises in working together as a team to ensure added value combined with successful delivery, within the contractual time and budget constraints. Their primary purpose as an alliance is to deliver high quality project services in both financial performance, appearance and content.

Detail is very important to IPA from architecture, to interior design and construction. With this insight we aimed to create an identity that mirrored this essence of IPA. Our inspiration: the traditional Zulu huts. The Zulu huts may look simple however they require skilled labor and intricate techniques of construction, both outside and inside. The dome shaped thatched huts are made with locally sourced resources, and are designed to prevent the harsh climate from affecting people without the usage of external energy - ancient sustainable architecture. 

Our design approach was using the shape, vertical and horizontal lines of the hut to create the letterforms of IPA. We wanted people to be acquainted with the source of inspiration of the logo. The result was a logo design that pays homage to ancient Afrikan architecture.

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