Site: Fredsbron (peace bridge) on Brunnsparken, Gothenburg
Theme: Raising awareness about police/security guard brutality and racial profiling in Gothenburg, Brunnsparken/Nordstan but also other parts of the country.

Idea: Protest performance art piece through T-shirt design

How it works:
The idea was to formulate questions to the public regarding racial profiling and police brutality in Gothenburg. The T-shirts contain accounts of violence towards brown people and questions that are directed to different audiences each time. The purpose is to confront the space as a place to ask critical questions about the different inhabitants (at that moment) and their safety, through performance art. Since race is a taboo conversation in Sweden and the violence against AfroSwedes is on the increase I use the T-shirts to address the colour blindness that Swedish society refuses to acknowledge.

The project was spread out through three phases, consisting of three protests where the numbers of protesters increases each time. This was to test the impact of our presence there but also monitor how conversations changed with each performance.

Photography and Video footage by: Mikael Martinsson
Protest 1
Protest 2
Protest 2
Protest 3
Content Video documenting all three protest days

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